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4 beauty tips with stainless steel spoon that all girls are crazy about
July 25 2018, 4:43 PM
Why don't try these beauty tips that don't cost a penny with stainless steel spoon? Only 5 minutes for amazing results.

Every family has at least 1 spoon stainless steel, in addition to serve for food and drink, only few people discover beauty benefits from them. It is easy to do it, that is simple and save lots of time and money. The secret below will help you to tighten the skin to cure dark circles, bruises and acne and have no risk at all!

1. Reducing dark circles and puffiness

This is what most women need. Stay up late,  fatigue, … leading to dark, puffy eyes that look very unaesthetic. If continue for long time these will make the situation worse and difficult to treat.

Dark circles and puffy eyes make us look bad

You put two clean spoons in the freezer or ice tray for 15 – 30 minutes. Then, you take out, face up directly, keep that until they are completely not cold anymore. Next, use the spoon to lightly press on the skin under the eyes for another 30 seconds. This helps to better blood circulation , clear dark circles, puffiness. Apply regularly also reduce wrinkles appearing there.

2. Blurring bruises

Spoons can quickly blur your bruises

You also put spoons into the refrigerator as above, then take the spoon to lightly and rub evenly on the bruises several times. These defects will quickly be erased effectively.

3. Acne Treatment

To repel the ugly acne on your face, dip your spoon in warm water (do not get too hot). Next, you take the back of the spoon rub on the acne, leave until the spoon cooled. This helps reduce inflammation, swelling, support acne treatment quickly. Do several times a day to speed up acne treatment, besides, don’t touch or mold them.

Your acne will be cleared with support from spoo

4. V-line face massage, skin rejuvenation

Spoons help to slim your face

You also cool the spoon by placing it in the cupboard or with the ices for 30 minutes, while rubbing from the chin to the jaw bone for 15 times. Next, do it from the back of your ear to your neck for 15 times. Apply daily will help reduce fat and slim your face.

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