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30 million viewers burst into laugh watching dad rants about daughter’s eyebrows
October 11 2018, 11:21 AM
Never in the history of man has one man said to another man, ‘mate, check out the eyebrows on her’!

When Gary Meikle, a Canadian comedian complained about his 23-year-old daughter’s obsession with having “bangin” brows, he had no idea so many people would share his pain.

More than 30 million views and thousands of comments and shares later, he has become an unofficial anti-brow ambassador.

So many people share his pain about women’s obsession with eyebrows.

It all started in early September when Gary took to his car to film a vlog about his daughter’s current preoccupation.

In the film, he complains: “I’ve got a 23-year-old daughter who still lives at home and the hardest part of that, without a shadow of a doubt, is constantly having to remind and reassure her that her eyebrows are bangin’.

“What’s happening ladies? When did eyebrows become the most important part of a woman’s body?

“Now it’s constantly: ‘Do you like my eyebrows Dad, do you like my eyebrows?'”

His rant struck a chord and the number of views started rising.

“Men don’t actually care about your eyebrows.”

“I’m not saying your eyebrows are bushy but Thumper wants his feet back” And he said he didn’t complain?

The three-minute video exploded on Facebook and was then shared on a nationwide social media account racking up millions of views.

Gary moans in the clip: “She’ll post them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. The eyebrows look the exact same! They look the exact same as they did before you had them done!”

Gary is a stand-up comedian and his daughter is often the source of his best material.

As a single dad, he ends up sharing all his parenting struggles with his audience. He even used Ainsley’s periods as comedy content.

He ends up knowing far too much

He said he ends up knowing far too much. “We talk about everything. The make-up, the dress sense. She treats me like her mum because I am her mum and dad. Most of the time I just smile and nod and tune in when I hear important words.”

According to make-up artist and business owner Gillian Hoban from Inverness, brows have been the focus of make-up looks for a long time.

In recent years, the thick, full-eyebrowed look reigned supreme but Rihanna’s September Vogue cover showed the superstar with her eyebrows seemingly removed and ultra-fine, pronounced arches pencilled in their place.

The UK brow industry is reportedly worth £20m a year.


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Video source: Sniffr Media


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