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30 disaster tattoos appear in real life which causes no one daring tatoo
January 08 2019, 4:56 PM
The "horror" tattoo is always the eternal story that brings laughter and when it comes back to reality, everything is "more catastrophic".

Of course no one wants to bring an ugly tattoo with them all their life, but life is not the dream especially when you decide to trust the tattooist. If you have an “embarrassing” tattoo that the tattooist still tells you is an art, you should put the tattoo back into the original image so that them ” wake up”.

In this article, Feedy will list disaster tattoos. These tattoos are “transplanted” into real life which makes many people can’t help laughing. We should think carefully before going to tattoo and find a tattoo artist with many years of experience. Feedy’s photo series lists broken tattoos, which are grafted on the things in life.

Oh my God !!!


Maybe the brothers of the tattoo will be sad …

Baby needs a new face 

Hey hey you you, you dont like Avril Lavigne?

The weird eyes

Iam a tiger not a fox

Angelina Jolie- the tatoo version

A dog? A wolf? Or a boar? Or a bat?

Marilyn Monroe

Britney Spears or whom??

Marilyn Monroe

Thom Yorke’s gaze made me flutter

Jack Sparrow is no longer in style

Ryan Gosling! Do you recognize yourself?

A simple baby face

Parents recognize me or not ?

Lions are no longer powerful

Tinker Ball

Cyrey Mylus

Tupac Shakur- wrong toothed version

So sad… 

Chris Farley

No one can recognize him 

The joker on the skin or in the world carries such a scary look

Falcon or owl

Is that Ellen ??


Credit images: Bored Panda


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