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3 young Asian billionaires: Rich, handsome and talented
January 08 2019, 10:00 AM
Born in "the finish line", but these young men still proved good at many fields, making many people admire.

Steven Zhang (Zhang Kangyang, 27) has just become the 21st president of Inter Milan, and the youngest person to be appointed to this position in the 110-year history of Giuseppe Meazza. 9X is billionaire Zhang Jindong’s son – Suning Group owner who specializes in retailing electronics and home appliances in China. He is the 28th richest person in China and ranked 305th in the world with a fortune of $ 6.2 billion (2018), according to Forbes.

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Receiving an invitation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Duke University in the US, the young Zhang chose to study Economics at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. After graduation, 9X was assigned by his father to be the vice president of Suning Group of the family. He is one of the influential young entrepreneurs in China, making it into Fortune China’s 40 Under 40 list for 2 consecutive years.

He is the 21st president of Inter Milan

Mario Ho (23 years old) is one of his 17 children Stanley Ho – 96-year-old billionaire with a fortune of about $ 3.1 billion (2011), according to Forbes. He ranks 13th among the richest people in Hong Kong, China. Right from the time he was in school, Mario was an excellent student, good at Maths and sports. He won the prize in the world mathematics competition at 11 years old; won a gold medal in the World Math Olympiad for 5 consecutive years. Photo: Instagram NV.

He was assigned by his father to be the vice president of Suning Group of the family

At 18, Mario Ho received an offer from two prestigious schools, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and Oxford University, England. He chose MIT and graduated with a bachelor’s degree after only 3 years. In 2016, Mario became the youngest person to study a master’s degree in Finance at MIT in the history of the school. According to Goodyfeed, after graduating from a graduate school, 9X young master does not “rely” on his family, but only goes to Shanghai to establish his career. He also has many talents such as singing, playing guitar, piano. Photo: Instagram NV.

Photo: Instagram NV.

Kuok Meng Ru (30 years old) is the second son of Singapore’s 8th richest billionaire (according to Forbes statistics in 2017), Kuok Khoon Hong. He is the owner of Wilmar International – a major “empire” in agriculture in Asia and the world’s largest palm oil producer. Mr. Kuok Khoon Hong also owns businesses in the fields of sugar, fertilizer, hotels and logistics companies. At 10 years old, Meng Ru was sent to boarding school in England. After that, 8X graduated from Mathematics at Cambridge University. After returning home, Kuok Meng Ru refused to succeed his father in order to build his own empire.

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8X guy is now a successful entrepreneur in the music industry.

He owns music retailer Swee Lee; holds 49% of Rolling Stone magazine; launched a music creation platform based on CloudLab Technologies cloud technology.

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