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More than 3 years ago, the poor boy painted the streets to welcome the World Cup, now his salary makes everyone admire
January 05 2019, 11:13 PM
In 2014, he was still a street painting boy in preparation for the World Cup held in Brazil, but after just over 3 years, he became one of the most popular names in World football village.

Gabriel Jesus is no longer a stranger to football fans. After winning the Rio Olympic championship with Brazil, the star born in 1997 landed at Manchester City with the price £ 27 million and immediately proved his talent with 7 goals after only 10 appearances at Premier League.

However, when looking at this photo, no one will realize this is a player receiving a salary of £ 3.6 million per year at the Etihad yard. The picture was taken in 2014, when Gabriel Jesus was still a 17-year-old boy.

Because of the difficult circumstances, Jesus received the paint job on the streets of his neighborhood to prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

According to the Daily Mail, Gabriel Jesus’ income at that time was only about £ 3,500 per year, less than 1/1000 of the current income in the Premier League.

The work was created by hands of the striker born in 1997 with friends.

This is the yard where creates the talent of the main striker of the current Brazil team. Sharing with British media, Gabriel Jesus said he wanted to re-present a JD. Peri corner right in Manchester.

Jesus (circled in red) when wearing the shirt of the local club Pequeninos do Meio Ambiente.

Gabriel Jesus contributed greatly to helping Brazil conquer the first Olympic gold medal in the history of domestic football. Not only that, the 20-year-old star directly pushed Sergio Aguero – the notorious striker in the Premier League to be the substitute player last season.

In an interview after the first half year in the UK, Olympic champion Rio said: “The Premier League is not really as difficult as everyone says. At least, it helped me change my life”.

From a young boy growing up in the slums, Gabriel Jesus is now in a luxury hotel in Manchester’s city center, having his own car and a desirable income for every young player.

Source: Dat Viet

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