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3-year-old toddler was not able to walk because her grandma regularly fed her on broth
December 06 2018, 8:42 AM
Recently, Dr Zhang Huan, a pediatrician has issued a warning to parents to immediately remove this eating habit after receiving a 3-year-old toddler with swollen joints, lower limb pain.

The 3-year-old patient, Xiaomin, is a very cute little girl. From cradle, she has been taken care of by her family very well. Xiaomin’s grandparents wanted her to have good health so they cooked different kinds of soup to change her appetite, such as ribs soup, broth, pig’s trotters soup … So since Xiaomin was one year old, she has drunk 2 bowls of soup daily.

Over the past six months, Xiaomin has often suffered a sudden leg pain. However, each time she got up then the pain disappered so the family thought that the reason was naughty girl was injured.

On the evening of November 16, after eating bowl of tofu soup, Xiaomin’s ankle suddenly swollen red, so bad that she couldnot walk. She burst into tears so the family rushed her to the Children’s Department of Huizhou Central Hospital.

The doctor diagnosed her with gout. In fact, Xiaomin’s father is also suffering from gout, so she may also be hereditary and daily eating two bowls of soup cooked from the broth of ribs, meat … is the catalyst make her gout progress faster.

‘Gout is a widespread disease. We almost every day receive gout patients among people aged 5 to 90, ‘said Dr. Zhang Huan. In recent years, because of improving living standards and changes in diet, patients with hyperuricemia have also increased rapidly.

Dr. Zhang said that four factors – malnutrition, alcoholism, obesity and family history – are the most common causes of gout in children and adolescents.

Foods such as deep-sea fish, seafood, beef, lamb, animal viscera and broth, alcohol, etc. are all things that overeat will increase uric acid production.

Anyone who has experienced gout knows that the pain at the onset of gout is very uncomfortable, not to mention that if the patient is a child, the tolerance is poor.

In addition, prematurely gout children are at risk of developing a variety of diseases, such as kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, especially arthritis and pain that will affect bone development leading to paralysis of limbs.

To help prevent gout, Dr. Zhang Huan suggests that the first thing to notice is a balanced diet, avoiding eating too much cereals and sugary drinks, sweets, etc. If you want to supply nutritions for children, you can provide high quality protein commonly found in foods such as beans, dairy products, eggs, fish, white meat (fish, chicken, etc.).

When cooking, pay attention to tasting less seasonings, limit grease, focus on steaming food instead of fried. Some fruits such as cherries, kiwi, papaya, guava, … not only ensure that the vitamin supplement but also not contain too much sugar.

At the same time, teach children to do exercise, drink plenty of water to promote the excretion of uric acid. You should maintain a daily intake of about 2000ml and ensure more than 30 minutes of exercise.

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