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When you are 3 year old and your daddy is “Hollywood technician”, you will become “supper man”
September 12 2018, 4:55 PM
Dads don't often have much time to play with their children. However, when they have opportunities, make sure that kids will have memorable moments as the children in the clip.

Now,  there is a hot trend people will produce a video based on the image of their babies to make the moments or a memorable vivid memories for children to keep as unforgettable memories during the rest of their life. Later when the babies grow up, they will consider them as special and unique gifts from their parents.

This boy’s father took inspiration from the legendary Titanic ship to make a video for his son.

Image in the video clip.

This father transforms his son into a superhero for climbing on the balustrade of the skyscraper, which makes viewers hair-raising although they know that it is a technical skill.

Image in the video clip.

The father of this boy is even more creative as the whole house is engulfed in the hot stream of lava. His mother may mask to avoid fear when watching.

Image in the video clip.

The father of the year put his son’s room in the middle of the ocean with the most dangerous sharks in the world. But he is not afraid but extremely fun to play and tease this animal.

Image in the video clip.

This father brought his son from home to school not by bus or train, but by floating in the air like this!

Image in the video clip.

Recently, netizens especially women has been ‘melted’ with the video clip recording the young dad who sang the rapper songs to help his son to drink milk. After being shared, the clip attracted thousands of views.

The young dad sang the rapper songs to help his son to drink milk.

It is said that Daddy is not perfect but he always loves his babies in the most perfect ways. Let’s love your father when we are still alive because we have one only father in the life!

Symbolic image.

Watch video: 

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