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3 things that pregnant mother should be “lazy” to do if you want your baby to be healthy and get high IQ
August 06 2018, 3:02 PM
Pregnant mums should be lazy to do these things during the 9 months of pregnancy that will be extremely beneficial for the baby.

Pregnant women are often extremely cared, so that many women will feel bored. In their free time, they may go shopping, clean the house or eat snacks. However, according to the experts, there are some things that pregnant Mom should be lazy to support the development of the baby.

Lazy to beautify to avoid fetal malformations

If you want to be beautiful during pregnancy, pregnant women need to choose the type of safe, natural origin.

Mum’s who love to wear bundles are not good for the development of the baby. Sometimes, laziness not only can helps pregnant mother comfortable in this summer, but also good for her baby

Lazy to eat at night help baby healthy

Eating at night can get weight, if this habit occurs frequently, it increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. These diseases directly affect the health of the baby. Because after 21 hours, the metabolic activity takes place less than daytime, nutrients loaded into the body will not be well absorbed, they will turn into fatty deposits.

In addition, eating at night affects the mother’s sleep. Night is the time that the body needs to relax, eating many at night will cause the stomach to work “reluctantly” and create a feeling of full stomach. So, eating at night is a bad habit of pregnant women.


Lazy to do housework to be safe 

Many mothers do not like being lazy so they have tend to do some housework. They also think that cleaning house can give the best environment for her baby. However, many types of cleaning chemicals can affect the baby in the abdomen, even can make the fetus deformed. In addition, during the cleaning process, many mothers often “unintentionally” sit in the wrong posture that also hurt the fetus.Besides, wet floors, slippery soaps are easy to mothers fall.

Experts advise pregnant mothers to restrict housework or ask their husbands to do the following task:

– Cleaning the house.

– Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

– Clearing the trash

– Moving furniture inside the house

– Laundry clothes

If the pregnant mother is lazy to do these things, your baby will grow healthy and they do not have to worry about the disease.

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