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3 muscular men got terrified when the friendly pitbull approached that makes netizens laugh out loud
July 31 2018, 11:34 AM
The three Brazilian workers were scared out of their wits.

The three healthy Brazilian workers probably don’t want to watch the video of them jumping on the table for fear of a Pitbull dog.

The dog just wants to have fun with them

Fear of dogs is not exception for anybody. At first, the dog just wandered at the door until it saw three workers stood at the counter, Pitbull mischievously express his willingness to “join the fun”. But he didn’t expect that all of them were that scared.

They are scared out of their wits when seeing him

All of the men hopped on the table to avoid while the dog just wanted to play along. Pitbull mischievously ran around and wagged his tail. A moment later, the new workers realized that the dog just wanted to make friend with them.

They all stood up for fear it may bite them

“Heard this dog belonged to the neighbor, it was new and wanted to play with us, but we are not ready yet,” a worker expressed. In fact, this young man’s fear is not unfounded since the Pitbull breed is particularly famous for its aggression.

Watch video:

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