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3 modes of cooking turn pressure cookers into timed bombs, many people are challenging death god
February 03 2019, 7:38 AM
Pressure cookers have many advantages such as saving cooking time, processing many different dishes which support housewives a lot.

To protect yourself and your family, you should immediately find out what causes this item to explode and learn how to use it safely:

1. Mistakes when using valves, time of stewing is too long

The pressure cooker cooks food basing on the principle of keeping the pressure and temperature in the pot relatively high, through pressure regulator and rubber gasket. Rubber seal help the pressure cooker close, not lose heat during processing, while the pressure regulator valve maintains a stable pressure.

Due to operating under this mechanism, if unfortunately the pressure regulator valve is blocked and the user does not pay attention to check, it will cause the pressure inside the pot to be compressed too much then the cooker can explode if it isn’t detected in time.

2. Poor quality pressure cooker

As mentioned above, when the pressure inside the pot reaches a certain threshold, the exhaust valve will work, ensuring pressure balance. With poor quality cookers, rubber gaskets can be buckled, the lid of the pot is bent, not closed, the exhaust valve does not work properly or even if it cannot discharge, it increases the risk of pot explosion.

You should buy this item at big, reputable stores, and well-established companies to ensure the best quality. Also, check all parts such as covers, safety locks, exhaust valves before cooking and clean them regularly.

3. Open the lid as soon as you have finished cooking

Most pressure cookers now have safety caps, not allowing the user to open the lid when the pressure inside is too high, not fully discharged. However, with the pot still using the cooking stove, there is no this smart part, if you open the lid suddenly will make food or the heat suddenly shot at body and cause burns.

Before opening the lid, you should check if the valve has completely discharged the heat to ensure the internal pressure has reached a safe level.

How to use pressure cooker safely:

– Pour water into the cooker to test: If there is no bloating steam, the rubber gasket meets the requirements. If the pressure in the pot reaches the threshold and the air valve of the auto-drain is on, it means that the valve works well and vice versa.

– Only buy products from well-known brands and carefully read the manual before use.

– The amount of water added to the pot must not exceed 2/3, the cooking time is suitable according to the instruction manual.

– When you want to open the lid, you should turn off the stove for 5 to 10 minutes, press the exhaust button to remove the air in the pot so that the pressure of the cooker reaches the level of the external environment.

Kim Ngan Do

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