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3 girls from Eastern Europe who have an angelic beauty makes Asian youngsters spellbound
January 01 2019, 10:18 AM
Amateur models from Eastern Europe are so beautiful.

Angelina Danilova, born in 1996 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently, she is living in Seoul, Korea.

She was born in Russia, however, she has started her career in Korea. She gains people’s attention thanks to her lovable appearance.

The Rusia girl has an angelic face and a height of 1m76.

Now, she works as a model, blogger and actress in Korea.

Her beauty is compared with the fairy in painting.

Her pure beauty made a strong impression on the Asian community.

Thanks to her look, she had some chances to appear in some MVs.

She is now working as a model for many casual and wedding-dress brands.

Her Instagram account has 800,000 followers.

She is also a representative face for cosmetic advertising.

Each of her photos gains tens of thousands of like.

She is one of the models who have a successful career in Asia.

Dasha Taran is also one of the models who succeed in Asia modelling market.

Her beauty matches Asian’s taste.

This Ukrainian girl is also a successful commercial model in Asia.

Taran’s innocent beauty with a bit of mystery.

Her makeup tutorial videos gain special attention.

Elina Karimova from Uzbekistan is famous with her doll-like face.

Though her height is just 1m63, thanks to her beautiful face, she has been invited to many shows.

Her lovable face is Korean youngsters’s favorite.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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