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The 287 pounds chubby girl, earns a lot of money by guzzling and has a super-handsome lover
February 13 2019, 3:00 PM
"Heavy" appearance has never been a barrier to this Korean girl, it is also a characteristic that makes Soobin become unique and more popular with her videos.

Possessing a channel of eating and drinking has nearly 5 million follower, Soobin is currently one of the most popular people in Korea. Although she weighs up to 287 pounds, she does not have any self-esteem about her appearance, whereas she always tries to beautify, she knows how to wear and makeup to stand out every time she appears. Moreover, Soobin also surpassed the millions of single girls out there to “grab” for herself an extremely handsome boyfriend to walk together.

Let’s see if this “holy-eating” girl is beautiful, talented and attractive like rumors!

Overweight, but also excess talent

Start each day with the question: What to eat today? And Soobin’s channel was “born” by that way. She has endless passion for eating and drinking, and claims that she cannot live without food for even a day. This is also one of the reasons why her body is more and more “oversized”. However, “holy-eating” really have talent and can do many things at the age of 24.

Soobin is famous on social networks by posting videos of the eating scene with the highest level of “craving”. Her channel attracted 4.5 million followers

Unlike normal girls, Soobin is not afraid to gain weight to satisfy her eating pleasure. Her eating clips also received a lot of comments from the online community

With a weight of 130kg, Soobin did not feel self-deprecating, but the different appearance and talent of leading the crowd made her more famous and made a lot of money from her hobby. She is currently the face of several brands in Korea and Thailand

She also owns an extremely powerful voice and attracts the attention of netizens

Don’t think that only skinny girls could know how to beautify. Although she is quite chubby but “holy eating” Soobin is not ugly at all. In contrast, the girl looked extremely beautiful with big eyes, smooth white skin and a beautiful mouth that always smiled on her lips.

Soobin loves makeup, she often wear eyeliner for her eyes to be big

Who would have thought that a chubby girl had a beautiful appearance that attracted everybody? It’s all thanks to her natural, lovely expression and superhuman make-up ability

Not only that, Soobin is also very passionate about fashion and likes to try different types of costumes. The way she dressed made her look attractive

One of the things that surprised most netizens was Soobin’s extremely handsome boyfriend. The couple once made people curious and proved their love and always matched up together in many events.

Soobin’s boyfriend has a well-proportioned body and handsome face

The couple were confident to be together and gave each other gestures in public places

They both have a funny personality. Boyfriend is always give Soobin the caring and loving gestures

Being fat is okay, because you can absolutely be beautiful thanks to your dress, makeup skills and confidence from inside.

Not only possessing attractive million-view videos, “holy eating” Soobin really has become an endless source of inspiration for chubby girls around the world.

Source: yeah1

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