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28-year-old mother exploded her breasts when breastfeeding, making her regret during the rest of her life; this is also a warning for women who like cosmetic surgery
January 09 2019, 9:06 AM
The family was also shocked, and immediately took her to the hospital for emergency.

Mrs Tian, 28 years old from China, was immediately taken to the hospital for emergency by her family. The doctor said, the implant in Mrs. Tian’s breast was broken, the chemicals inside overflowed causing her breast to swell and deform severely. She needed to be performed surgery to remove implant so that she wouldn’t get infection and her life could be ensured.

It is known that this woman is a lover of making beauty. When she was young, because of the desire to have a sexy and attractive body, she performed breast surgery at a beauty clinic. She did not think that later this made her regret during her whole life.

After getting married, Tian gave birth to a cute boy. Like many other mothers, Mrs. Dien chose to breastfeed her baby. However, after about 3 weeks, one day when she was breastfeeding, she discovered that her breasts became hard and swollen accompanied by so painful feeling that she couldn’t suffer from anymore.

Witnessing this scene, her husband was startled in horror, immediately taking her to the  hospital for an emergency. After the doctors examined, their conclusion made the whole family shocked.

At that time, family members in the husband’s family asked him to get divorce with her. He was really angry. At the same time, the 28-year-old mother admitted to her husband that many years ago  she had spent 50,000 yuan performing a breast lift aesthetic.

Mrs. Dien herself also found it difficult to understand why implant exploded when giving birth? Meanwhile, consulting doctors committed to the quality of this implant and made sure that it wouldn’t affect pregnancy and breastfeeding in the future. But she did not expect that after only a few years, she met with this unfortunate incident. Mrs. Tian really regretted and did not know whether her husband could forgive and accept her after that.

The doctor at the hospital say, breast implants after many years can completely explode or leak fillers. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is too long time to put implant  and the second one is the body’s fiber contract. In Mrs. Dien’s case, breast augmentation in many years, pregnancy and breastfeeding at the same time also caused unfortunate consequences.

Through the above story, the doctors also reminds women of having certain knowledge before plastic surgery to avoid unfortunate consequences.

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