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28 naughty animals that decided to make your life ‘messy’
December 26 2018, 9:48 AM
Are your pets naughty? If yes, let's see these pictures to find sympathy for the owners of these pets.

In addition to the usual lovely actions, obediently listen to the owner at home, and the loyalty too, then these animals really make the house mess up. Pet owners have to put up with a really long list of broken rules since their 4-legged friends always steal their masters’ belongings, damage furniture and documents, and ignore any prohibitions but don’t know how to deal with this. But after all still have to forgive them and not punish them for their extremely lovely guilt expression.

“My cat routinely steals my hair elastics. I found out she just stashes them under the stove.”

“What? What bread? I don’t get you.”

Caught red-handed

“Exhausted after a day of destruction.”

“We just saw a mailman. We don’t remember what happened next.” Carol, an owner of 2 labradors, came home and found a note (in the picture above.) The woman decided to send the mailman a restaurant gift certificate. Then, she’d created a Facebook account where she shared stories about her doggos.

You don’t have a PhD if you have a dog.

“I told you coffee wasn’t healthy.”

“I’m a bit tired. I’ll get some rest here.”

“Let me take it.”

“You weren’t supposed to see this.”

“He wasn’t against it when I asked.”

When you decide to get a parrot

“Wanted to pet my angel.’”

When you’re away

“I wondered why it was the only plant not to flower this summer.”

All cats are mountaineers.

“Since adopting Lily our paper towel budget has increased tremendously.”

When you realize it’s not what you expected to see


“I got a spray bottle to get her to stop biting everything.”

“She made a lovely dress out of her favorite blanket.”

“My dog looks like a night club bouncer.”

“I need a whole window to look out!”

“Just wanted to get a cute picture but the cat didn’t think it was a good idea.”

Changing the design

When you think you’re having a good day and suddenly see your coffee

“This is Dr. Grey, he likes to make my job as difficult as possible.”

Save your pasta or get the shot of a lifetime?

Dieu Linh

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