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The 25-year-old girl has nine tumors in her breast because of the habit that 90% women are doing everyday!
August 04 2018, 11:54 AM
Most breast diseases are partly caused by mood.

In recent years, the number of people with breast cancer increased significantly. More frighteningly, breast diseases such as breast tumors, lymph nodes are all at risk for cancer. Therefore, many women have prevented themshelves from the disease by concordant eating and sports .

However, in addition to these common causes, breast tumors comes from unbelievable reasons : the irritability, the sadness that many women suffer from.

The 25-year-old girl has 9 tumors in her chest due to bad habits many women also have

Liu Gui, 25, of Wuhan, China, accidentally find a small “stiff” object just about the size of a pea on her chest.however, did not hurt, she quickly don’t care about it. Because she thought it is just a sign of coming to the period.

For a while, Ms. Liu began to feel itchy in the left breast area and recall the “hard object”on the chest that might have been the cause. Listening to people talk about breast cancer makes her extremely anxious, She rushed to the hospital to check.

As a result, not only did she have breast disease , but she also had nine small tumors, five on her left side, and four on her right side, the largest of which was 2cm. The doctor asked her to remove the tumors and to determine if it was breast cancer.

A few days later, the doctor performed an invasive surgical removal of nine tumors on the chest. It was lucky for Ms. Liu, when the doctor identified her tumors as uterine fibroids are benign.

After finding out the reason, the doctor explained the cause of pressure work, she often stress or angry, which has led to hormonal changes in the body to produce so many breast tumors.

According to the expert : about 75% of young women aged 20-39 years are susceptible to breast cancer. Its occurrence is related to hormonal imbalance, such as the change in estrogen.

In addition, breast tumors are formed when the patient has diseases such as breast cancer, breast cysts, gland fibrosis, breast lumps, lipoma tumors, mammary gland tumors, mammary gland tumors, breast inflammation , breast tenderness. These types of tumors are usually painless or sometimes mistaken for signs of menstruation. Although breast tumors are benign, but if they are not treated in time,they can also be malignant.

Many medical studies have shown that young women who have breast cancer tend to have some bad habits such as staying up late, stressing, eating too much fried oil, or getting angry, losing weight, … leading to endocrine disorders. Because of this series of habits such as staying up late, eating erratic, this girl are easy to get breast tumors.

Therefore, you should maintain a scientific lifestyle, keep the mood happy, control your diet, check your chest regularly if there are signs strange need to see the doctor.

Symptoms of breast tumors:

Having pain in the chest even during normal days and it will be more painful and irritating in of menstruation period.

Breast abnormal enlargement , abnormal breast shape .

The nipple is hard, tucked in.

There are nodes in armpit.

The skin around the nipple is abnormal..

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