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24 foods seem to be attractive but when being putted in the mouth, they make people ”break teeth”
January 03 2019, 10:03 AM
Recently, the trend of creating colorful dishes is becoming popular on the Internet. They not only catch the attention of culinary followers, but also even including those who love beauty.

Although these photos in the article are not foods, but also they are attractive and stimulate the viewers’ taste. So before giving something like food to your mouth, check it carefully.

1. It makes sure that many people will consider it as a marshmallows.

2.  Anyone who is interested in dried beef can not stand still if they see these mops!

3. It turns out that these noodles are pieces of plastic.

4. A piece of nice socola can make you break teeth.

5. A piece of meat is larger than his body.

6. It seems to be like the bottle biscuit.

7. Everywhere are eggs.

8. Do you see this stone like a fried dumpling?

9. This is a great Orion.

10. Milk ice cream and socola

11. Have you ever tried this candy?

12. These candy rocks seem to be delicious.

13. A candy is really attractive, isn’t it?

14. In the seashore, it appears popcorn.

15. The Italian noodles are tough and crispy.

16. A piece off beef iss delicious.

17. The pearls in milk tea.

18. Candy drag is enough for even neighbors to eat.

19. Freshly baked wafers.

20. Egg mushrooms look over like extremely attractive dumplings.

21. When looking through, do you find it like paper or cheese.

22. Once again, a long piece of beef is out of the plate.

23. Short-tubed pasta not only attracts children but also is adults favorite food.

24. Hai Duong cake with green beans, coconut.

In each day, sometimes you may come across strange food like these things but not everything can be putted into your mouth.



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