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23 super hilarious photos proving that your pet cat and dog are professional comedians
January 06 2019, 9:07 AM
Cats and dogs not only look cute but also have a great ability to play comedy.

1. ‘Why does this stupid tree block my way?’

2. ‘Look at me! I will tip over…’

3. The cutest audiences you’ve ever seen!

4. A new cat-shaped nightlight appears.

5. ‘I’m here? Who is lost???’

6. ‘Please turn on the’ Auto rotate ‘function.’

7. ‘Can I be an actor?’

8. ‘Let’s travel together!’

9. ‘I will lie here until the boss agrees to let me go out!’

10. ‘What do you look at? Do not care about me!’

11. ‘This is the way I go to work on Friday.’

12. How many dog do you see?

13. What is happier when you go to sleep after eating?

14. ‘Don’t care about me, I’m just doing exercises to get slimmer body.’

15. ‘Just look at my long legs…’

16. ‘I can’t go down. There are terrible things on the ground. ‘

17. ‘It is my new bath-tub.’

18. What is he doing?

19. ‘Hello! Anybody here?’

20. ‘Let me see what you are watching?’ Dog said.

21. A new way of riding…

22. This cat is also one of the magic of Christmas!

23. When the dog wants to be a seal

Kim Ngan Do

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