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23 extremely impressive moments people can only see once in their lifetime
January 05 2019, 9:19 AM
Whether it is a work of art or a photographic disaster, the photos below will surprise you with the ability of the photographers to blink quickly at the right time.

#1. ‘My friend took a photo of me at the moment the lightning struck’

#2. The moon looked so small and faint between the light of skyscrapers

#3. The frog is trying to practice

#4. That is the sign the elephant really likes this guy

#5. A clear robbery was recorded

#6. When your cat is a potential actor

#7. Aircraft trajectory

#8. Just look at the lower right corner and you will see the magic

#9. Her hairstyle is so unique with a giraffe

#10. It is like this bird holding a small shark that’s eating a smaller fish

#11. Whales appear near a small boat

#12. When you are so hungry …

#13. Another unique hairstyle 

#14. ‘At the right moment I took the picture, my phone vibrated’

#15. ‘Give me, please, give me!’

#16. Some people will have to wake up earlier

#17. It’s like a bird perching on his hand

#18. A kungfu cat and a bad guy

#19. This penguin is trying to …fly

#20. Perfect timing

#21. Checkmate

#22. “Lightning strikes at the same time as the camera shutter rolls.”

#23. Adding white smoke for more lively

Image credit: Brightside

Kim Ngan Do

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