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The 22-year-old cancer patient who played the role of herself burst into tears on the graduation day: “My dream has come true”
December 25 2018, 3:15 PM
We often take 4-5 years for a University degree, and we consider it a normal thing to overcome. Hue is different. On perhaps the most important day of life, imagine a little, how happy it is with cancer patients like Hue, how big and broken it will be.

Pham Thi Hue, 22, a girl with terminal liver cancer is one of the actors of Memento Mori with a role about her own life, which caused many people to shed tears. When Hue discovered cancer, the doctor said she would only have about 3 years to live.

But now is the 7th year on Hue’s brave journey.

And on December 20, Hue officially reached his dream – in the graduation gown that she always expected.

“Today I received a diploma, I am happy when people come and give me flowers. When discovering the disease, it seems like I can not go to university, now my dream has come true, I am very happy and happy, but I am not very good at studying, but I am proud of that achievement.

I will live very well, doing meaningful things for life. I appreciate this life, every second, every minute.

I’m happy to see the sun! ”

Hue had liver cancer in 2012. In his medical history, Hue stated: “Two tumors in the liver are 4cm, no pain. A tumor is outside the liver 13cm, there is pain. Metastatic cancer in many places. If I don’t think about it, I don’t think it will hurt at all. When I wake up, I still remember it when I wake up.

Hue heard about death almost too impermanently, everyone must lose, also a part of liberation. Up to now, she has no further treatment. Hue lives by being as calm and optimistic as possible.

Hue participated in the project Memento Mori, going everywhere to play a role built from a real character in the book The Destination of Life by author Dang Hoang Giang. Hue plays the role of Lien with the experience of his life.

Contact is a red rose, but she is afraid of red. It is the color of blood, of death. Lien discovered breast cancer and died after 5 years of treatment, 17 years of schooling, 5 years of Bach Khoa University, 3 years of work. At the time of her life, Lien still went to school, completed her graduation project, finished 5 years at Bach Khoa most proudly. During the hospital days, Lien chose to be a lone man but full of bravery. She was not a freeloader, she knew to take care of herself, slipping through every room to enter the toilet. In Lien, it can be said that “what is” is in her blood.

When Lien died, she became a free person as she always wished. She looked straight at death, with all calmness and indecision … Hue almost matched Lien to 80%. Hue does not know how much time I have now. Sometimes, she guessed how long she could live. She was not afraid to die, but she was afraid of pain.

“I’m not afraid to die, I’m just afraid I can’t graduate. And the future, my career is ahead. I have to raise a lot of dogs and have lots of teddy bears.”

We often take 4-5 for a college degree, and we consider it a normal thing to overcome. Hue is different. On the most important day of life, we are happy, the emotion is hard to describe. And imagine a little, how happy it is with cancer patients like Hue, how big and broken it will be.

Doctors said she can live up to 3 years. Hue did not even dream of going to the University, but one day she held a degree in her hand, with a really satisfied smile on her lips. Wine from red dragon fruit – Hue’s thesis – the name sounded full of life, although Hue did not like it very much in red.

Many people, despite their illnesses, have always wished for extraordinary energy like Hue.

“I want to encapsulate the life of a hundred years on every single day …” – the motto of Hue for the past 7 years, making us pause in the flow of this life. None of us can refuse death. It is an indispensable part, but we can change it by way of living in a perfect way, so that death is complete.

We can be extremely lucky people for having good health. When we are assured of health, we wish for more things. Hue awakens us, when every day is always calm and peaceful in a mind of being in a hurry, living in a hurry, knowing how to live more deeply, love more …

… to live every day for a hundred years.

Honestly, the remainder of Hue’s life time was not much, she told herself to be more mature and try harder. We all know, death always accompanies life, we are heading towards that destination together. And no matter who it is, we are equal before death.

However, remember, the violence of death comes with the enormous power of love. The most important is your feeling, if you feels fine, you will live more comfortable with it.

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