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21 “horror” dishes in the world but not everyone dares to try
January 04 2019, 9:30 AM
Food is always an endless source of inspiration for people. But the following dishes will scare you as soon as you have just seen it before you have tasted it.

Food is always an endless source of inspiration for people. But the following dishes will scare you as soon as you have just seen it before you have tasted it.

Hakarl (Dried shark meat and fermented) – Iceland

While the fat is a threat of many people in the world, the fishermen in Iceland often catch sharks because the flesh of these species is a favorite dish here.

After being caught, sharks will be cleaned, all rotten, keeping only the naturally dried meat to eat.

Fresh monkey brain – Asia and Africa

Chinese people often eat this horror dish to increase vitality in men. The surviving monkeys will have their heads taken to remove the brain. The right brain to eat is the right way for this dish.

Many people have said that this dish has a tremendous taste, it includes the fishy taste of blood and taste of rotten flesh.

Contrary to rumors, it will increase the physiology of men, and the case of death is due to the fact that monkey brain contains many bacteria.

Sannakji (Live octopus) – Korea

The wiggling octopus tentacles were immediately put into the mouth. People who eat will feel like eating a living animal.

This dish is very fresh but if not careful you may suffocate to death because the tentacles stick to your throat as soon as you try to swallow.

Baby mouse wine – China and Korea

Pups in the womb or newly born will be taken to soak the medicine. They argue that small creatures are in the planing stage is the most nutritious.

So these wines are sold at very expensive prices in the Chinese and Korean markets

Japanese Bee biscuits biscuits – Japan

Look, these cookies will be really scary because mixing the bees but its taste is judged not bad at all. The cake is delicious and the bees are very fragrant and crispy

Akutaq (ice cream Eskimo) – Alaska

This ice cream is one of the dishes on the most expensive menu at restaurants in Alaska. Main ingredients include reindeer fat, seal oil, snow, wild strawberry and fish.

Beondegi (Silkworm pupae) – South Korea

Vietnamese people will not be strange with this dish. Nymphs are boiled or stir-fried as nutritious food. Although the shape is a bit frightening, they are fleshy and fat.

Fried Tarantula Spider – Cambodia

The hairy spiders are the unique cuisine of Cambodians. They are often fried and the taste is also very delicious.

Escargots (Cooked snails) – FranceBat soup cooked with fruits – Asia

Bat soup is considered a specialty of Taiwan. A whole bat will be put in a bowl of nutritious soup. They were carefully prepared beforehand to remove fishy smell and then marinated with vegetables and spices to “serve the tray” for diners.

Tuna eye – Japan

Tuna eye is a favorite dish of Japanese people. Fish eyes are filtered out of the blood to deodorize the rubber that is eaten with a little salt and mustard.

Mopane worm – Africa

Termites (can be eaten raw or fried) – Kenya


Soup – Vietnam

Soup is a familiar dish of Vietnamese people, but for a friend of the world it is a horror dish. The blood of chickens and ducks is naturally frozen. People often eat this dish with a little peanut or roasted sesame.

Smoker – Africa

Snake wine – Asia

Not only in Vietnam but also solid wine in China and many other Asian countries. The longer the soak is, the more precious it is. Each bottle of wine ranges from a few hundred to several million

Grilled centipede – China

Beetle (beetle specialized in laying eggs in animal manure) – India

Roasted mosquito eggs – Mexico

Haggis – Scotland

The main ingredient of this dish includes sheep stomach stuffed with heart, liver, lung sheep, oatmeal, pilgrimage and spices.

Fried dragonflies – Indonesia and China

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