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20-year-old girl suffers from end-stage stomach cancer because of a habit that many young people get into
November 28 2018, 3:50 PM
This bad habit makes the young girl face up to stomach cancer when she is just at the age of 20. 

A 20-year-old Chinese girl named Xiao Li, a university student at a prestigious school, was hospitalized at midnight. The main cause was supposed to be a habit that young people encounter in everyday life.

Accordingly, Xiao Li was a very hardworking person, so her academic report was always on the top of her class. However, recently, Xiao Li suddenly didn’t feel like eating or drinking. After that, she lost weight quickly and she became thinner and thinner. In particular, Xiao Le’s upper abdomen is always painful and uncomfortable. However, because of not wanting to delay learning, Xiao Li did not go home but stayed in the dormitory to buy painkillers to drink.

Xiao Li did not go home but stayed in the dormitory to buy painkillers to drink.(symbolic image)

That night, Xiao Li suddenly had severe abdominal pain. Xiao Li’s  roommates phoned her parents and quickly took her to the hospital for emergency. After the tests, the doctor found a large amount of stagnant water in her stomach , causing her stomach bulge and thicken. When doing intensive tests, they found an unusually large tumor in the stomach.

The doctors found an unusually large tumor in her stomach.(Symbolic image)

The doctors concluded  that she was suffering from end-stage cancer. After receiving the results, Xiao Li and her family burst into tears because they did not believe she had cancer.

When being asked in more details about the eating habits of her daily life, Xie Li said that, because she wanted to read more books, she often tried to eat fast or even she read books and ate at the same time. Then, she would stop when she felt full. Many days, Xiao Li concentrated on reading the book so she swallowed the food without chewing.

She is in habit of eating and reading books at the same time.(Symbolic image)

It is because of this bad habit that food was not completely digested in the stomach of Xiao Li. In the long run, it also damages the digestive tract mucosa and creates the opportunity for bacteria from food to damage the stomach. When the digestive system appears inflammation, you will have higher risk of stomach cancer like Xiao Li.

Source: Pixpo

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