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20 million people can’t help laughing at this man’s efforts to do exercise
October 08 2018, 3:32 PM
A man bounced his belly on the floor with huge sound when he was doing push-ups.

The clip, filmed on May 26 in Wuhan City in central Hubei Province , shows the man hitting his belly on the floor first every time he did push-ups.

In Yanjiang Avenue, Wuhan Shi, this Chinese man was taking efforts to do push-ups. What makes viewers not stop laughing is that he constantly hit his belly on the floor. Maybe he was so heavy that he was difficult not to touch the floor. However, we can’t deny that he was so strong.

After being posted online, the video captured great attention from netizens because the man is so funny. It is evident that there are up to  millions of viewers of the video. One commented: “Funny, he is so strong, haha.”

Watch video:

Video source: Newsflare

Video source: Newsflare

Vu Tam

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