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2 youngsters comes into this supermarket to steal, 30 seconds later, the supermarket owner has to thank them
July 01 2018, 10:36 AM
Two thieves knightly saved the supermarket’s employee from an armed robber. This rare action was caught on camera.

Recently, a very impressive video has attracted a lot of attention. The video starts with a man and a woman entering a shop together. It can be seen that the man was in charge of distracting the salesman, while the women who were with him tried to steal as many goods on the shelf as possible.


Just a few moments later, a robber suddenly burst into the shop with a gun in his hand and controlled the shop staff. The 2 thieves were so frightened hiding behind the shelves. The robber was completely unaware of the presence of these two thieves.


Surprisingly, instead of quietly running away from the store and leaving the salesman being robbed, these two thieves then had an extremely smart action. They successfully rescued the salesman and controlled the robber.


After only a few weeks, this video went viral and received more than 11 million views and more than 340,000 shares. Many netizens also commented on how humorous this situation is: “It can be said that this supermarket is the luckiest”, “A great collaboration!”, “Thieves with a disposition to do good “.

Nguyen Mai Huong

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