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2 easy and simple steps for taking crab meat just in a few seconds
September 11 2018, 2:00 PM
Not needing to use clamping tools, you only have scissors to easily get all the crab meat.

Sea crab is a favorite dish of many because it is not only delicious but also brings high nutritional value to the body. However, taking the crab meat to eat seems quite difficult because crab shell and crab claw are quite hard. Moreover, the number of crabs is pretty much. Therefore, it is great of importance to have “tips” for this.

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What you need to prepare is only scissors and please follow the directions below:

Step 1: Break the leg joints of the crabs

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Step 2: Use the scissors to cut the crab shells and then take the meat inside.

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However, you can follow an interesting way which has been widely shared on the social networks.  Break the crab claw and then split the crab shells. Split the crabs and use a spoon and fork to take the meat inside. Finally break the joints, use the fork in the meat.

Follow these guides, make sure that you will not miss any pieces of crab meat. Wish you delicious meals.

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