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2 dollars for a photo shoot with the happy Pikachu, when Pikachu takes her hat off, everyone bursts into tears
November 12 2018, 11:40 AM
Recently, there is a lovely adorable Pikachu in Shandong Province, China trying to find people who want to take pictures to earn money.

Looking at the lovely Pikachu, no one can expect the behind touched story.

A yellow pikachu with a pair of glittering eyes, rosy cheekbones and lovely mouths makes all people enjoyed it.

At first, somebody thought that this pikachu was a character hired by a company to do advertising but when they heard the story behind the life of the pikachu, they burst into tears.

At first, when met this pikachu, anyone can not ignore the words: “Please save my daughter, son-in-law and my husband by taking photo and pay 2 dollar. I was 71 years old in Jiangxiang Village, An Hung Township, Maidan District, Heze City. I even can lose my life to help my daughter, my son-in-law to earn money for treatment. Please help our family, thank you. ”

Everyone is curious to know the story of this pikachu. When she dropped her pikachu hat, it turned out to be a grandmother. With a melancholy face, sweaty look, she looked so poor.

She is Han Xiu Vinh, has two sons and a daughter. She has been living with her daughter and son-in-law. In 2007, her daughter suddenly fainted and then regained consciousness but she was unable to walk again. The doctor diagnosed her with a tumor in her brain, which gradually enlarged and made her blind.

In order to have money for her daughter, the whole family has to save as much as possible. The son-in-law when knowing his wife’s disease, he not only did not sympathize but also decided to divorce that made the family more and more miserable.

One year later, her husband suffered from traffic accidents, broken bones and cerebral hemorrhage, but had no money for treatment..

By 2010, her daughter finally recovered a little her ability to walk and her body gradually recovered. Through the introduction, she remarried with a new husband and gave birth to a son. It seemed that the difficulties of life had passed but when her baby was 6 months old, her brain tumor again recur.

Her son-in-law suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was paralyzed half-way, so both her daughter and son-in-law could only lie in bed.

In order to pay for medical expenses, the grandmother taking care of the three of them in the daytime, going out to wear pikachu clothes and taking pictures with people on the street. Each picture taken with a pikachu is worth a few dollars but has a very good meaning.


Her daughter-in-law also said that her mother-in-law was very hardworking, and if anyone had something to do, she would go to work without any hesitation. Now, the family life is very difficult with three patients and a 5-year-old grandson.

Although the body has aging, Ms. Han still have to wear Pikachu clothes that are hot and heavy .

It is said that when it is hard to know who is really good to yourself. Han’s sacrifice for her family is tremendous. Hopefully there will be many good people who know her story and come to help her, encouraging her family to overcome the turmoil in this life.

Xuan Tr

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