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2 bad habits men SHOULD leave if not want wife live with breast cancer
August 04 2018, 12:13 PM
According to experts, breast cancer is 80% of all exogenous factors, including smoking, alcohol, and birth control pills, increase the risk of this cancer.

If he decided to give up this bad habit earlier, men would not push their wives and children into danger when they were at risk for severe breast cancer. According to experts, breast cancer is 80% of all exogenous factors, including smoking, alcohol, and birth control pills, increase the risk of this cancer.

Assassin of the sisters

Nguyen Thu Hien, a 35-year-old resident of Nho Quan district, was discovered breast cancer. Ms.Hien shocked when the doctor called her and her family members informed her that she had been suffering from stage 2 breast cancer. The tumors began to develop.

Ms Hien said recently she found some gold liquid on her chest . She did not know what to do because her chest did not see the tumor. At first, she went to Ninh Binh General Hospital to check her health. CT scan doctor suspected that is breast cancer . Ms. Hien does not believe so she went to Hanoi for further examination. The result was breast cancer.

The husband and wife sell groceries. Mr. Dai -her husband is heavy smoker. Every day he burns 1-2 bags. He considers smoking to be of no relevance to anyone. Listen to the doctor talk about cancer and get cancer counseling. Mr. Dai shocked because omewhere alongside his wife, he also smoked a cigarette.

The case Pham Thi Khanh resides in Y Yen, Nam Dinh is different. Ms Khanh is a kindergarten teacher.  Because the husband is not responsible for contraception, so Khanh has self-contraception by taking oral contraceptives daily.

It was 7 years after the birth of her 7th son, every day she made friends with contraceptives into habits . The doctor suspected she was likely to abuse the pill too much.

Abortion is the leading cause of breast cancer in women.

The average age of women be breast cancer in the United States is between 50 and 65 years. The cause of breast cancer as well as most other types of cancer has not been found directly cause this diseases.

Many studies in different countries and regions have seen only a close association between a number of factors, such as the surrounding environment as well as the internal body with breast cancer called weak risk: exogenous and weak endogenous risk. The higher incidence of breast cancer in developed countries is evident. Maybe because of current lifestyle like smoking, drinking alcohol, diet high in energy, less green vegetables, fresh fruits and fiber.

Contraceptive pills, abortions, live and work in industrial pollution, even studies have shown that light pollution also increases this cancer rates.

Smoking is one of the most cause to breast cancer

Thus, each man should give up on smoking, think about your wife and your children first, don’t let everything too late son in that time you can’t do anything, just standing there,looking your wife and your children have to face with this dangerous cancer in hopeless.

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