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19-year-old girl chased, kicked down and locked two robbers: intending to give up but because of the exercise, she determined to reclaim the phone
December 13 2018, 2:49 PM
19-year-old girl knocked two thieves who robbed the phone at place, when knowing her identity, everyone was even more shocked.

When talking about girls, people often think of weakness and the girls need to be protected. But many girls will not suffer fate when having to suffer the hurt by the bad guys. Recently, the netizens has been commenting on the actions of the brave 19-year-old student.

Specifically, when on the way back home, two bandits driving motorbike robbed Tien’s phone. She immediately chased after those two robbers. Tien said, “Reflexively, I used my legs to attack the person sitting behind but they did not fall. I did not chase anymore because I thought it would be very dangerous. But suddenly I remembered inside the robbed phone has a music exam I did to submit to school so I chased to get back”.

“Chasing nearly 1 km, at that time there are crowds at the crossroads so the two robbers slowed down. I thought I had to crash into their motorbike and control the person sitting behind, because this person often use the knife to attack. Then, I crashed into the motorbike causing both robbers to fall down. Despite being very painful but I still stood up, used the martial arts learned to control the person sitting behind. After that, I made a quick attack to stop the remaining person and then arrested two men with everyone”. Tien said that because I regretted the effort I had awoken for more than two weeks to do music test stored in the phone so I chased to reclaim the phone.

The two robbers were too unlucky to meet the girl learning Vovinam for a long time. And the consequences were worth for the robbers. This little girl has the spirit of the martial arts that does not surrender to the bad guys, always claims justice. However, this girl is extremely lovely and beautiful.

Minh Chi

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