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19 things that a girl wants her lover to do but she does not say it
January 06 2019, 8:58 AM
Although girl do not speak out, but girls always want to get from their boyfriends of the simple things below.

1.Hug her.

2. Talk to her.

3.Share the secrets of each other.

4.Give her your jacket.

5. Kiss her slowly.

6. Hold her tightly.

7. Get her go out.

8. Get her to go with you when you go out with friends.

9. Smile with her.

10. Take pictures with her.

11. Let her sit on your lap

12. When she says she loves you so much, give it back.

13. When her friend says he loves her more than you, respond. Keep her with you. In doing so she will feel that she is really loved.

14. Hold her tight and say “I love you” every time she looks at you.

15. Kiss her unexpectedly.

16. Say she’s beautiful.

17. Let her know your feelings about her.

18. Kiss her lips.

19. Do not ask her to buy something for you, so buy it for her.

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