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16 unskilled employees, who are hurry to work, # 7 is what aviation is the most taboo
December 29 2018, 11:34 AM
Here are crazy designs that you can believe they exist!

Have you ever seen a design that made you laugh? Because in life it is difficult to avoid mistakes. But toilets for the whole family where you can use the toilet and talk in the same time.

1. Instead of writing “Don’t worry, be happy” this shirt prints “Don’t be happy to worry!”

2. The reality is much more cruel than advertising

3. This is a toilet for the whole family, just go to the toilet and talk for help?

4. Can you explain why installing it like this?

5. Can I go to the toilet here?

6. What does glass ceiling mean?

7. The aviation-related designs abstain from this, leaving the tip of the machine to the bottom

8. What sign is this?

9. The book has a text-making design that makes the title of the book turn into: “Nothing is possible!”

10. Spiderman version has a tail

11. It may take 10 seconds to find the place you want to go

12. “Prohibit smoking, safety is the first” turns into “Not safe, smoking is the best!”

13. This light bulb will surely scare many people!

14. Who is the front seat for?

15. Architect of genius of the year

16. Just a bit of a fall, the consequences will be extremely unpredictable

Not all designs are perfect, especially the designs of the unskillful designers.

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Phuong Thao

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