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16 photos prove that no places in the world is more special than airport, witnessing hilarious and also moving moments
January 05 2019, 9:39 AM
Every day, millions of people go and come airport. This is a place "lucky" enough to witness not only unexpected but also filled with emotion moments. The airport is always noisy and many

However noisy making many people crazy, but if you take a little time to observe, airport is a place save unique moments of special guests with all monstrous postures. In addition, we can witness touching moments before each flight.

1. A man with 2 special friends, 2 eagles in Doha airport, Qatar.

2. A flock of birds in the immigration into Sweden.

3. A whole cute dog family as well.

4. Suddenly you meet a celeb in real life.

5. And characters are probably from a science fiction movie.

6. How can they pass security gate?

7. Is there something strange with this luggage?

8. And postures like these.

11. Is this toilet for woman or man?

12. A free circus performance in the airport.

13. Best way to protect luggage.

14. And happy moments.

15. A bit sulkiness as well.

16. This is happiest moment of the couple, even people around them look happy as well.


Lan Le

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