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16 pets you won’t want to bring them to any wedding party at all
January 06 2019, 9:26 AM
Your wedding day is a one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Do not invite these pets.

You definitely won’t want to invite them to your wedding if you don’t want to have photo bombs or unexpected incidents. But they are so cute anyway.

After that…

This cat is totally starting drama with your cousin.

It was an accident when this dog accidentally ate wedding cake

You’ll want to remember this special day forever. Here’s a cat’s butt.

Just a quick snooze …

You should have known better, really.

Weddings are very romantic to have some memories.

“That’s my mom! You can’t have her!”

Where am I?

The ceremonial chomping of the wedding topper ….

“I’m tired now. Carry me mom.”

“Hellllooo, it is I, the center of attention!”

“Just a little taste … “

Of course he had to show up to your wedding with a green mo-hawk.

“I can’t believe she’s wearing white and trying to upstage me.”


Dieu Linh

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