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15-year-old model is considered failed cosmetic surgery: ‘I would rather croak than being ugly’
January 19 2019, 9:29 AM
Lee Eun Hee (Danae Lee) insisted that being called snake is a compliment.

Recently, teen models Lee Eun Hee (Danae Lee) suddenly became a phenomenon on social networks because of constantly posting sexy images after completing plastic surgery. Despite being 15 years old, thanks to cosmetic surgery, she has charming curves. However, her face was considered by many netizens to be ‘too fake’ and deformed like a ‘serpent’.

Not only was a cosmetic disaster, Lee Eun Hee was also shocked when she regularly posted boastful status, from money to luxury cars. When being criticized, this model was straightforward to show that she was ‘better off’ than many people because she was beautiful and rich at the age of 15.

Lee Eun Hee before cosmetic surgery.

On August 8, this ‘noisy’ young girl was chosen as a guest on a reality TV show in China. At this talk show, an audience member in the studio asked for an impression of what she felt when being compared to a snake, and this teen said: ‘For me, the comparison is a compliment!’

This answer immediately caused many sisters to be in the studio to be angry. One person asked her why she was proud of this strange thing. To the astonishment of many people, the girl rebuked provocatively: ‘I would rather be stabbed to death than being ugly like you!’ The criticized woman immediately got angry and loudly cursed at Lee Eun Hee by telling the teen girl that everyone looked at her just like watching ‘beasts’, deserving of ‘disdain’.

Before the climax of the conflict, the MC of this program was forced to ask the characters to stay calm to repeat the peaceful atmosphere for the conversation. However, this argument on this television was once again considered to be the role of the ‘snake’ model to become more popular.

Image credit: Instagram

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