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15 touching photos of grown-up puppies that prove time flies
January 08 2019, 3:48 PM
Puppies grow up really fast. Today they are sleeping in your arms but perhaps tomorrow you wake up next to a big bear! However, they are still lovely despite becoming bigger and bigger. 

It can be said that puppies have a positive impact on our daily life that people consider them as their true and best friend to share with all things over the world even the secret things.

1.The dog is likely to be bigger and happier!

2. What did he feed this pupy? It is extremely big after a long time.

3. Before it is only a pupy, but nowadays it becomes a such great dog that is bigger than its owner.

4. It’s interesting when they become big quickly but still act like lap dogs.

5. The dog has grown as well as the mustache.

6. Tomorrow this dog perhaps carries his owner.

7. The ratio of dog is so same as owner’s one.

8. Do you can find a man in the second picture?

9. Before and after!

10. Despite being bigger, this dog does not still change his habit.

11. Who is stronger?

12. ”I am old enough to walk myself.”

13. ”I am happy when having two lovely children.”

14. The begin is a dog but the end is a bear!

15. Puppies are magic machines that turn kibble into more puppies!



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