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15 tips to help the clumsy girl to be skilled in the blink of an eye,that makes mother in law has to satisfy
November 28 2018, 10:38 AM
Let 's take a look at these useful cooking tips.

These are simple but extremely useful cooking tips to help the girls handle every situation in the kitchen.

1. Burnt Rice

If the rice is burnt, let’s Put the white bread in the rice cooker for 10 minutes to absorb the unpleasant smell.

2. Cook the porridge

To make porridge do not spill out when boiling or burning, add some oil on the bottom and around the pot before cooking .


3. Boil vegetables

If you want to boil vegetables that are green and not crushed,add few white salt and remember to open the lidwhile boiling in the pot a . When the vegetables are ripe, take the vegetables soaked in cold boiled water or ice water for 5 minutes.

4. Rice is not done at all To avoid waste of rice , sprinkle wine in the pot at a rate of 500g of rice, then pour 3 cups of small wine. Heat the rice cooker until the wine evaporates, so that the rice is done without leaving the wine smell.


5.Stir the tender beef

In the process of marinating beef, add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and mix well to marinate for 15 minutes. Stir fry beef to fire, turn quickly, take the meat out of the pan The meat is soft, strong flavor without chewing.

6. Boil meat

To boil the meat in perfect way, when water pot is boiling , add a teaspoon of vinegar and then continue to boil.

7. Fry Fish

Want to fry fish, beans, eggs without splashing oil , rub the ginger in the pan then pour oil. In this way the fry will not close the pan and do not spray oil.

Also, wipe the fish with a paper towel before frying it to limit the oil that causes burns.

8. Remove the smell of chicken, duck

After removing the chicken feathers, duck , you get salt, ginger pounded or white wine to rub on the chicken. After about 5 – 7 minutes, wash and continue bowel surgery.

9. Fry the Spring Roll

If you want a plate of spring rolls with a nice yellow color, please take the sugar mixed with vinegar and spread it on the rice paper rolls and then begin to roll. So after the frying,the Spring Roll will be crispy yellow and yellow crimson.

10. Cutting chili

In the process of chopping chili is difficult to avoid the situation of chili hands causing burns. Let’s take some sand to your hands and rinse.

11. Reduce salinity when cooking

If you are too salty for the dishes, let’s solve with a little tips. For healthy soup or sausage, you should add potatoes Or replace with tomatoes The food is better and not as salty as before.

12. Seasoning

If you want to season spices in standard way . For example, if you have to salt and sugar, salt first and then salt, followed by salted soy sauce, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate.

13. Soup

Heat the pot and boil the meat or boneswith an onion or ginger. During boiling, do not cover the pan, when boiling, turn the fire and take out the scum regularly


14. Remove the toxic out of bamboo shoots

Before cooking bamboo shoots , boil with bamboo shoots and a pinch of salt. This is a small tip to remove toxins and sour taste in the shoots.

15 Remove the grease from the soup

Place the soup bowl in the cooler of the refrigerator, wait for them to coagulate, then use the spoon to take out the top.

With these wonderful tips, you can be a skilled girl in your own kitchen!

Phương Thao


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