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15 times amateur bakers wow everyone with their funny “talent” and disaster works
January 02 2019, 4:32 PM
These people can never, ever, forget their cake day even if they want to.

Everyone deserves a slice of some delicious cake. But, baking isn’t, sadly, for everyone!

Who would know this better than the super talented people who tried to create something amazing but met odds, or shall we say icing, that really weren’t in their favor?

Let’s look at these 15 masterpieces!

The cat face said it all

Look like something you see on the Internet and what it turns out when shipped to you 

Look like the crepe has gone through everything

Whatever, I don’ know if this a poorly-made voodoo doll, or the heart of a clumsy guy

If stuffed animal could cry….

This should be made into Twitter meme, case closed

Elsa turns into a drag queen?

This look so sad

A man on the street but the beast on the Kitchen?

At first I thought this is Olaf’s girlfriend

Nope, you failed the dog you uncultured swine

Look like a puke of someone

Okay but you have to admit that the teeth kinda nail it?

For anyone who ask, it’s a dog, not Hitler snowman version

All thing considered, do you think these 15 epic cake fails are actually funny and perfect for family moment? These are actually too perfectly awful to recreate.

Source: The Bright Side


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