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15 pictures of newborn babies with unbearably “serious” face expressions, looking like sulking the world
January 09 2019, 9:17 AM
Infants are referred to with cute and lovely images, but these babies are maybe serious by nature when their facial expression as grim and fastidious as adults'.

These babies look like fastidious men by unbearable expressions. Looking at “adults” mini versions who seem like bored to death with this world be like surely make you laugh like a drain.

Who are you? What do you want from us? Let me go! 

I don’t want to be here anymore. Please let me return to my mother’s stomach quickly. 

This is exactly a funny grandfather mini version.

And this is a naughty uncle with a witty smile.

The boy’s radiant expression when playing with his mother does look like a chubby grandfather.

What? This year my house only buy a tiny pine tree like this?

Who dress me an ugly suit like this? Take it off.

 You have just been born for a few hours but feel depressed with this world be like.

How come the news tonight is not so fun anymore? This world is really boring.

They tease me. They say I’m both old and ugly.

What’s interesting about photography that kids today all love taking pictures?

I just saw two people kissing on television. Unbelievable!

Today’s so boring, let’s take a selfie.


There’s a lot of fun but anyway I decide to keep in mine.

This world is so terrible! Please return me to my mother’s womb now, I don’t want to be here anymore!

Lan Le

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