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15 moments that will make you lose your logical thinking
January 08 2019, 3:49 PM
When looking at the photos, you will definitely ask: "What are these people thinking?".

1. This is how she pumped the wheel!

2. At least he has a helmet.

3. It is said that there is an extremely thin line between heroes and idiots…


4. Money to buy a plastic spoon is definitely cheaper than buying a new hat.


5. That was the last time I saw this DJ…

6. Don’t know if this man has paid money for gas yet?

7. My neighbor ordered a TV and this is how it was shipped.

8. When you go out, but forget to bring your ‘brain’.

9. The painter did “very well” on his mission.

10. Wake up before it’s too late! This is the result of using too many smartphones.

11. Oh! Luckily the car wasn’t crushed. Just fixing a few spots is fine.

12. I still do not understand what this sewer pipe is for?

13. I just want to ask: “How could she do it?”

14. Life is pain …

15. This is you when buying home goods but does not want to charge for delivery service.

Source: Bright Side

Dieu Linh

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