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15 babies have just been born but looking like old people, sulking all the world!
January 04 2019, 3:47 PM
The babies below possess the old, grumpy and fastidious faces like the adult making the whole world melt.

1. Where is this?

2. When this baby was born, he had silver hair. If you did not look carefully, you would think the old man was 80 years old!

3. With this expression, do you realize that I am a baby?

4. And this is a naughty “uncle” who always teases the grandchildren and chuckles with pleasure.

5. The radiant and happy expression of the boy when playing with his mother, does it look very much like a completely toothless man?

6. What? This year our house only displays a tiny pine tree like this?

7. This suit is too bad .. I don’t wear it.

8. When you have just been born for a few hours, you feel depressed with this world.

9. Oh…unexpectedly… I’m so scared!

10. Believe it or not, this is a newborn baby.

11. The face is too strict…

12. The face is wistful, the eyes are thoughtful.

13. So bored today, there’s nothing to do, let’s selfie.

14. This is the face of a person who has a lot of jokes to say but decides to keep in his stomach to laugh happily.

15. His expression is too cute, do you think this is the action of a newborn baby?

What is your image like in the past? Are you old before your age or still innocent right for your age?

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Minh Chi

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