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15 animals photos that you cannot miss if you are an animal lover
January 08 2019, 10:02 AM
It’s not very often that our furry friends get to see the magical white dust we call snowfall over the world, but when they do, their reactions are the cutest things ever.

1. “Perfectly timed shot for Bruno’s first snowball.”

2.“Wait… this isn’t the desert.”

3.“I am warm and comfortable… Snow day is a good day.”

4. A clear path was cut for these sheep. Single file please!

5.This adorable penguin feels right at home in the snow.

6.This rescued fox is having the most fun-filled day exploring the deep snow.

7. “It’s his first time seeing snow… I think he likes it.”

8. “Dude, come on, PUSH! I’m almost there.”

9.“A rare sighting of the North American Snow Loaf”

10. “I am so comfortable right now.”

11.“Dad! Dad! Guess what? It’s snowing!!”

12.“Hey Mom! Look what I found. I had to dig real hard, but I got it for you.”

13. This snowball booped the pupper on the nose!

14.“Help! It’s cold out here!”

15.“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I pulled up next to these 3 in the middle of a snowstorm.”

Source: YaletownHero / reddit, woody_the_fox / Instagram

Hai Linh

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