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14-year-old hero saves a child stuck in a well
July 24 2018, 5:07 PM
This 14-year-old kid VOLUNTEERLY went down a tiny well to save another kid.

Cristian Marian Becheanu, a seventh-grade student at the School of Segarcea – Dolj, Romania, saved the little Gabriel, aged three years.


Little Gabriel fell in a deep well over 15 meters, located in family Ruiu’s courtyard.


Marian offered to help when he saw the firemen could not find anyone to be lowered into the well, due to the narrow shaft (about 30 inches in diameter).

Cristian declares he was a little nervous but not afraid because he had been told what to do.

At first, the firemen were afraid he would get stuck there as well, but as they were running out of options, they had no other choice.

Afterward, when he got down, he saw the baby in the water, grabbed him and got pulled out.

However, it wasn’t the first time he had saved people. Three years before, in 2010, he had saved three people who had gotten stuck in a damaged car. They had been involved in a car accident and he saw them while he was riding his bike. He found a pipe and propped the door open. Then he called for an ambulance. He has also helped another classmate who had had a bike accident and who later had to undergo a knee surgery. Cristian got him up and helped him get to his parents’ house. (Cre: reshareworthy)

He even got praised and awarded by government officials.


His dream is to be a fireman and keep saving people. Good job, young man!!!

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