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13-year-old teenager held captive and enslaved in a cave by 83-year-old priest to satisfy his need
August 11 2018, 11:45 AM
The beast kept her captive for nearly two DECADES!

The 28-year-old Indonesian woman named “H”, was found in a crevice behind large rocks near a village in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province.

A local priest (spiritual healer of the village) named Jago has take a 13-year-old teenager captive for 15 years. 

Police had received a call, telling that H was being held there by an 83-year-old village priest, Jago. After detaining and interrogating Jago, they found and rescued her.

As told, H’s family had brought her to Jago for treatment in 2003, when she was 13 years old.

Jago was well-known for offering alternative medicines and his “magical” healing methods.

After the treatment, the priest told H’s family that she had gone “far away”. She was reported missing after her family failed to find her.

According to the police, Jago used H for 15 years to satisfy him, under the pretense of magic or witchcraft. He would show her a photo of a man named Amrin, who he claimed was a jin, or genie. During the process, Amrin would then appear or enter Jago’s body, he told the girl that.

The place he kept her for 15 years.

“Since the perpetrator was well-respected in the village, there is a possibility that there are other victims. However, they are afraid to come forward.” Police told the media.

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