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13 Tips on how to survive wild animal attacks
October 09 2018, 1:44 PM
Here are 13 tips you should know to survive wild animal.

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you were attacked by wildlife?When attacked by wild animals , do not panic, let’s follow the instructions below!

The only good thing we can do is learn the truth and then figure out what to do if we are ever in a violent confrontation with a wild animal. Before getting into specifics, the best way to avoid problems with wildlife is to use common sense. Be aware of what’s around you, what kind of animals you are likely to encounter, and the danger they pose. Avoidance is the best defense. Keep your distance, and take steps to prevent attracting wildlife into your camp.

Here are 13 tips you should know to survive wild animal:

First, you need to know the level of danger of each wildlife animal


There is always a way out for you if you know these tips:

If a Shark attacks you, you shouldn’t attract shark. You must prevent bloodor urine from getting into the water.

In case you do meet face to face, don’t turn your back on this predator. If you have been caught, aim at the eyes and gills. These zones are the most sensitive.

Kangaroo will only attack  you if you enter its territory that makes them feels danger. You should cough and the kangaroo will consider it a sign of disease and most likely won’t attack you.

You should slowly back that makes you look smaller therefore it’s less dangerous. Don’t turn away and run. It will only provoke the animal.

When lion attack you, you should maintain eye contact and don’t turn your back and don’t move your eyes away. You  have to try to look more massive to create such an impression, lift your arms and jacket up.

Speak to the lion in a reasonably loud and confident voice, make sounds and gesticulate.

Elephants are clever and quite friendly animals but they are known to attack people. If their trunk is curled and the ears are pulled back, it means they are going to crush you.

Try to find something to become a barrier between you and the elephant.


And this is what you should do when a Rhino attack you:

You just have only choice is hiding behind a tree

You may not know that the jaws of crocodiles are the strongest on the planet.

When being attacked by crocodiles, you should make as much as noise as possible, run in a zigzag  and don’t create splashes.

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