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The 12-year-old boy with ‘brilliant’ make-up that everyone thinks ‘dolls’: Want to touch his eyes at least one time
November 07 2018, 10:34 AM
Nesty refutes, he is just living himself.

Although he was only 12 years old, Nesty  had such expressions and charisma as a real, dream miss. Nesty is a famous boy in Thailand. At 12, he is best known for his nickname ‘catwalk prodigy’. Nesty’s sleek, high-heeled shoes in a bare-chested skirt are provocative on Thai social networks in recent days. And of course, with that goddess, it is expected that he will soon become a Miss Universe in the future.

Although born as a male sex, but since childhood, Nesty has a passion for makeup and always look at her makeup with a look of craving. Recognizing the difference of his son, Nesty’s mother not only prohibit but also support..

And so, he was present at most fashion shows in the country. Almost everyone praises Nesty’s expressions. Of course, there is also the opinion that Nesty is a bit too expressive. Nesty refutes, he is just living himself. And he definitely did not give up his passion for all the criticism around him. The boy who wants to live is himself.

Let’s look at some pictures of Nesty – Catwalk :

The 12-year-old Nesty is shaking the online community with professional catwalk and unbelievable charisma. It is known that Nesty is from Phang Nga province (a province in southern Thailand).

Thailand’s prodigy catwalk now owns more than 200,000 followers. He often shares pictures that are standard makeup Miss or funny videos. Many hopefuls hope Nesty will soon become the most beautiful Miss Thailand.

Watch video: 

Source video: blogtin.video

Linh Diep

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