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12 tips that make your lips look more beautiful and lipstick last all day
June 27 2018, 3:16 PM
Whether you're lipstick-holic or not, remember these tips to make yourself most beautiful.

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Lipsticks are one of the indispensable items in every girl’s bag. Here are 12 useful tips for your brightest look:

1. If you want to improve the thin lips to look bigger and more seductive, apply a layer of color-free balm to soften the lips. Then “cheat” the width of the lips by applying the concealer on the border between lips and skin, finally apply lipstick as desired.

The smooth fresh lips

2. In contrast to the case above, if you want to turn thick lips into thin one, then choose nude or courtesy tone lipsticks. If they are red lipstick or dark colors, apply on the center of the lips.

3. If your lips are dark and when you don’t get the desired color when applying lipstick, do not worry. Remember to take time to exfoliate. Before using lipstick, applying a foundation or concealer and avoid nude tone.

  Use foundation to help your lips to have the right color

4. When you have your lip smudged, use the lip liner before applying lipstick.

5. You do not have to buy a lot of lipstick, you can still change lip gloss into matte one very quickly. After applying lip gloss, use the same color of cheeks (non-emulsion) on the lips, the lip color will be perfect as desired.

6. The lipstick stick to your teeth? Very simple, after applying lipstick, put your index finger between lips and then clamp. The excess lipstick will stick to the tip of your finger instead of your teeth, causing you into embarrassing moments.

  Use a finger to help avoid smudging on lips

7. How to make your lipstick last longer: After applying lipstick, place an oil-control sheet on your lips and apply a layer of powder to keep the lipstick last all day.

Brush a layer of powder to keep your lips last longer

8. If you want to apply lipstick quickly, use the lipstick to mark an X on the edge of the lips then color them.

9. If you like to have a lot of new colors in different tones you can mix them to your tastes. Apply the lipstick as the foundation and then use lips gloss or colored lip palm to make the lips more natural.

10. Apply lip balm before lipstick can help smooth lips and protect them from bad effects from lipstick.

11. If you are out of blusher then take a little lipstick on the cheeks and then spread widely. Then lip color and cheeks will be in the same tone.

Make use of lipstick for blusher

12. It’s sad that your lipsticks stains on your white shirt or dress. In this situation, apply hair gel on them to remove it temporarily.

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