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12 tips to help you have thousand-like pictures, not inferior to famous people
August 07 2018, 5:03 PM
These are the secrets used by celebrities to get the best picture.

When you take a picture with or float off the beach or pool, do not put it in front of you, this huge object will cut your body visually in half. Instead put it on the side – this will help you hide certain body parts and make your waist look smaller.

When you make a swimsuit, avoid straight lines. Remember, putting your legs together is a bad idea. It is better to lift one leg further to be visible in the picture. Also, do not forget to turn your back. This way, your waistline will become more slim.

When taking a full body picture, avoid styling the ‘soldier’. When you stand up straight, facing the camera, the body loses its beautiful curve and looks flat. If you stand half-inclined, you will look feminine. You can touch the hair or rely on something to keep the hands beautiful and natural.

Do not forget to use accessories. You can fix anything to help you tone up your best parts. For example, if you have a small waist, tie a scarf around your hips. This will make you look more fragile. But if you wear a towel, or take a picture directly, otherwise your round 3 will be ‘flat’.

If you want to take a photo on a chair, do not face the camera, this angle will deform the body. It makes the top look too ‘messy’, and the legs look too short. Better your legs in front make them look longer. Do not forget to bend your back, just touch the surface of the chair with your head, butt and shoulders. Bend your foot closest to the camera, at the knees.

Do not take a half-sitting position – unattractive wrinkles can appear on your abdomen, waist and arms. To make your body look firm, use this tip: lie back and stretch your muscles.

When shooting in a sitting position, make sure your knees never face the camera directly – they will make your thighs bigger than they really are. It is better to sit aside and lift your legs a bit to make the hips look firmer.

If your abdomen is not perfect, this trick will help you conceal it. Also, make sure your neck is as long as possible and that you never place your chin on your shoulder: your face will be bigger and your neck will not look good.

On the cover of the magazine, girls with wet hair always looked hot and sexy. But this is mainly thanks to Photoshop and professional photography. In fact, wet hair looks very dirty to make your ears sharp. So only take pictures when your hair is a bit moist.

To look great in pictures, you should remember the asymmetrical rules. For example, bend the leg and the opposite arm. Asymmetrical lines make the image more vivid and natural.
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