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12 mistakes ”destroy” people’s health that they should avoid
December 10 2018, 10:08 AM
Before going to bed, we should not do these things because they have negative impacts on our health, even can reduce our longevity.

Wearing bra before going to sleep

According to doctor’s survey at the Civil Hospital, wearing a bra during 12 hours in a day will increase the risk of breast cancer by 20 times higher than who carry them in a short term. The reason is due to prevent the excretion of toxins from the fatty tissues of the breast. However, this problem is still controversial.

Bring electronic devices while sleeping

An American expert, James Cook, notes that when sleeping near devices such as televisions, refrigerators or cell phones and many of the waves that this device produces affect the nervous system and dysfunctional physiology. Although the wave output is low, people should prevent them.

Some people have habit of playing game in bed until they are tiered. Even they let their mobile phone. This action will make electromagnetic radiation of the phone that affects seriously health.

Keep your make up when sleeping

For some reason, some people keep their makeup while going to bed. In fact, this will cause the pores become stuck and affect the secretion of sweat and the respiratory capacity of the cell. Doing this action in the long run can also cause acne and damage the beauty. The experts also recommend removing the jewelry to the body to relax in natural sleep.

So before going to bed remove the jewelry, at the same time also remove the face makeup. This helps the skin to breathe better. Just keep your skin clean and free from obstructions, so that your body will have good sleep.

Being angry before going to sleep

Before going to bed, you are angry, you will make your heart beat faster, heavy breath, thought heavy and it will be difficult for you to fall asleep. To sleep well, you should reduce the intensity of your body at the end of the day, and also need to calm your temper. Anger not only makes you insomnia, but also promotes aging and illness, reducing life expectancy.

Wearing watch

Some people like to wear a watch while sleeping, which not only reduces the life of the watch, but also reduces the lifespan of the person. Because, in the clock, especially the luminous meter is radiating out radium, although the amount of radiation is not much, but for a long time it can adversely affect health.

Wearing dentures when sleeping

Some people do not have teeth so they should wear dentures in their daily activities. However, when going to bed these people usually do not remove the tooth and leave it in the mouth. Doing so is extremely unhealthy. Because in their sleep, sometimes accidentally people will swallow it in the throat that has negative impact on human life.

Therefore, people wearing dentures should remove and wash their teeth before going to bed, just as good for the oral cavity and safe.

Letting hand under head when sleeping

In addition to affecting the circulation of blood and numbness of both hands, before resting sleep, limiting blood flow to the brain causes deep sleep, tired of waking up.

Sleeping but now follow right time

For women in general, the most effective way to reduce fatigue is to sleep. If you do not sleep well in the long run, it can lead to poor sleep quality, which reduces the deterioration of brain cells and make your brain become less sensitive than before.

The hair is wet when sleeping According to Western Medicine, when wet hair is going to sleep, it usually causes headaches and nausea. Early in the morning they will feel a headache without knowing the cause, more serious, it also leads to nausea. Stretching for a long time will cause scalp inflammation.

Eating well before sleeping

Before eating too much, the stomach needs more time to digest, the stomach is full of food will not stop stimulating the brain, the brain will become excited, so you will hardly sleep well. . Especially if it is late at night, your belly will quickly swell.

Sleeping facing each other

Some couples or children … often adopt this posture, because they think that posture will help them to be closer together. However, during sleep, our body releases carbon dioxide. But this posture will cause us to breathe carbon dioxide, causing hypoxia, fatigue, headache or somnolence while sleeping … If your bedroom is full of tight crowded, the more you risk more tired.

Watching TV and then fall sleep

Being in a TV room and falling asleep seems like a natural thing, so many people are lying on the bed watching television hoping to help themselves sleep. However, if we do so, we will wake up shortly after the light and sound emanating from it.



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