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12 dishes are considered as the world’s specialities but they are harmful to life
January 29 2019, 3:43 PM
Those dishes are very delicious but they contain some toxins which are harmful to life. Therefore, you need to be careful in processing or consider using these foods to avoid affecting your health.

1, Ackee

Ackee is commonly used in Jamaican desserts because of its characteristic flavour. However, for this fruit, only the meat should be used and carefully processed because the ackee fruit contains poison hypoglycin A and B, which can cause dizziness, nausea and hypoglycemia.

2, Igunaq

Igunaq, a.k.a fermented gibbon meat or deer meat, a traditional dish of Arctic indigenous people in Canada. However, there are a few people know that the decomposition process of these two types of meat easily produces toxins that cause food poisoning or even death.

3, Bat soup

As for Asian cuisine, bat soup is very popular and is dubbed the ‘chicken in the cave’. Lots of eaters claimed that bat meat is rich in nutrient which can cure some diseases. Still, this species bears many dangerous pathogens. It is still harmful to life even when it’s cooked.

4, Blood soup

Blood soup is a favourite dish of Asian, however eating food raw, especially fresh blood easily causes infection, parasitic worms and parasites. There have been many cases of poisoning and facing serious consequences after eating blood soup.

5, Pangium edule

Pangium edule are seeds of keluak that are commonly used in South Asian cuisine thanks to its special flavours. It contains hydrogen cyanide causing death if eating it raw. Yet, if wanting to eat them, you should boil then crack them and pack them with banana leaves then bury them for 40 days.

6, Meat pies

Lithuanians believe that meat pies have a red-blooded effect. However, the meat in this traditional cake is used from rotting animal meat so it can cause poisoning. In the past, the Lithuanian government listed it as a ban.

7, Casu marzu

Casu marzu or rotten sheep milk cheese. Although it is delicious, if using it regularly, you will be susceptible to allergies or poisoning due to the infection of pathogens from larvae living in those fat cheeses.

8, Kaloula pulchra

Kaloula pulchra is a benign animal commonly used in Asian cuisine but the skin and viscera have a large amount of toxin. Therefore, this is still a dangerous dish if not properly processed.

9, Pufferfish

Pufferfish containing tetrodotoxin toxin causes nerve paralysis and instant death. Therefore, only the chefs specializing in pufferfish processing with 5-year experience in apprenticeship are allowed to grant practice certificates. Although there are many Japanese people poisoning pufferfish every year, no one can resist the appeal of this dish.

10, Brown straw mushrooms

Brown straw mushrooms with large canopy are often poisonous but many people are still easily fooled by their harmless shapes. Careful cooking or processing still does not reduce the amount of poison in the mushroom. Using a large amount will cause liver damage or even death.

11, Star-fruit

Originating from Sri Lanka but star fruit is known as a speciality of Southeast Asia. Many people think star fruit is harmless and contains a lot of vitamin C but for those who suffer from ulcers and starter gastritis is really ‘poison’ because the content of oxalic acid in such fruit easily causes kidney stones and related diseases to the kidneys.

12, Feseekh

The feseekh is a speciality of the Nile, although it contains toxins, the Egyptians still cannot deny this speciality. Not to mention if do not marinate this type of fish in a clean way, it can be toxic to eaters.

Although these world specialities taste very well, they contain life-threatening toxins. Therefore, you need to be careful in processing or limit the use of this dish to avoid affecting health.

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