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11-year-old boy made people stunned with French president’s hyperrealistic portrait that he draws in less than 2 hours
October 11 2018, 10:29 AM
Inspite of being only 11 years old, a talented boy, Kareem Waris Olamilekan, coming from Africa has been a professional artist. Now his Instagram attracts more than 100.000 folowers.

He showed his remarkable painting ability when he was 6 years old.

When he was 8 years old and he moved to new house, he had a opportunity to meet and get aquainted with art teacher in local art school.

Because of being interested in art together, they quickly became closer. Apart from Kareem’s outstanding ability, art teacher taught him basic skill in art. In the teaching process, he was surprised at Kareem’s art ability. Owing to being encouraged, Kareem registered at more professional art class.

His art ability is improved greatly each day and his production was always recognized. Moreover, many people on the social network starts to be concerned about his work.

His teacher, Adeniyi Adewole said that Kareem is the most outstanding pupil he taught. He believed that his pupil will succeed in the future.

Furthermore, he often reminds Kareem not to be allowed himself like street aritist. He must be ambitious for becoming a great teacher to be compared with celebrities.

His curvilinear character sketch is fully acurate and soft that made a perfect and real work like taking a photograph.

This is his most famous picture ‘Daily Bread’. SHe said that because of seeing other eating, he had a good idea. He shared that they made a great effort to work hard, while he ate. Therefore, he felt so much emotional and drew this picture.

French president, Macron, took part in cultural exhibition in local when he visited Nigeria. Only after 2 hours, Kareem painted his portrait by pencil, which is lively and delicate.

Kareem’s delicate character sketch made French president felt so much emotional and he said that painting made really people feel touching and he congratulated a young boy.

In his memory, each time he was asked to go shopping, he bought 20 papers to make painting papers. And because of not having electricity, he depended on flashflight to continue to persue his favorite work.

Despite facing up with many challenges in the life, Kareem still persue to his dream and always made a great effort to lean hard. He overcame many diffifulties and lacking of material to take advantage of developing his knack

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