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106-year-old great-grandma knows how to cook an incredible meal and it has made her an internet star
June 14 2018, 5:11 PM
She's the world's oldest YouTube star!

Mastanamma may be a great grandmother, but she’s still going strong. Even if she’s one of the oldest people on the planet.

The woman is 106 years old, which means she is technically YouTube’s oldest content creator.

With the help of her grandson, Mastanamma posts videos of her cooking dishes to YouTube, and she’s become a known sensation from it.

This idea was initially conceived by the grandson, and he had to explain it to his grandmother at first. It’s no surprise that it took her awhile to understand the idea—the woman was most likely already a grandmother when cell phones became popular.

Then again, you could take one look at her, and you would assume that she’s in her 70’s, and not her 100’s, based on how hard she works.

The woman is having problems with her eyesight, but from the looks of it, her cooking is still as appetizing as anyone else’s; she plans on doing this until she can’t anymore.

If anything, her work ethic at the age is inspiring in itself, and shows that age is just a number when it comes to following your passion.

Source: the epoch times

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