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10-year-old boy passes away due to kidney cancer, the main reason is the favorite breakfast 
February 11 2019, 2:45 PM
Cancer has been become more popular, the objects are children who make everyone feel sad and heartbroken.

The pitiful boy named Tieu Bao from China. Although having been in 3rd grade at a prestigious school, his sudden departure not only made my parents sad but my friends and teachers were also shocked.

Before happening the sad case, Tieu Bao suddenly cried loudly, so the family took him to the hospital for examination.

At the hospital, doctors diagnosed Tieu Bao with kidney cancer to make everyone listen. They all share a thought, why can a boy have such a dangerous disease?

When they find out the cause, everyone is surprised. Because both parents are so busy every day, they can’t take care of breakfast and prepare to not have dinner for him. Therefore, Tieu Bao’s familiar menu is bread, each day he eats at least 5 slices per day whatever morning or evening.

Therefore, this is the reason that cancer cells form in his body that parents don’t know, because they aren’t aware of the correct way to consume grains, especially bread will increase risk of renal cell carcinoma.

Consequently, the boy must use a breathing machine to maintain life every day and passed away shortly after becoming illness.


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